虚無 の 強度

The Intensity of Nothingness
Masaki Iwana

White Butoh-dance Workshop

5 days: 1 - 5 mai 2019  


This easter we invite Masaki Iwana for the second time to Brussels for a 5 days intensive workshop. Masaki is considered one of the most acclaimed Butoh performers today. He is a rarity in that he still maintains the original Butoh spirit, having begun his dance career outside the “butoh genealogy” in 1975. 

First I would like to speak about what kind of training one should pursue, because dance is "a realization of one's dream through the body", one must first know one's body very well. When I say 'the body', I mean a total body that includes all levels – the bio-skeletal body, the spirit, and intuition.”

Open to performers, researchers, dancers, musicians, visual artists, architects and all those who are interested in a thorough research on the body. The workshop offers a physical training in Contemporary Japanese Butoh dance and the way it can be individually interpreted as a body language. 

Costs: € 350

Promotion: € 315 = 10% discount when you inscribe in 3 or more workshops

* The inscription is made by bank transfer of € 50 - non refundable.

* The workshop will be in English (translation in French and Italian available)

+32 477 813 662

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