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    Sound embodiment

    Butoh Workshop 
    by Motimaru Dance Compagnie

    1, 2 & 3 feb 2019 Brussels

                                          POTSU POTSU...

                GASA GASA...

                                                         SARA SARA....

                                                                                GUNYO GUNYO....

                            PICHU PICHU....

    All sounds has its own quality and textures, different humidity, rough or smooth, thin or bold, expanding or shrinking... And so is our body and mind. In this module we will explore universe of diverse sounds, perceiving sounds not only with ears but with skins and whole body, not only listening but touching them, embodying their qualities, accordingly unlocking different qualities in the mind. As a violinist plays different notes, body and mind becomes limitless instrument of the sky and the earth.

    For Who? This workshop is suitable for beginners as actors, dancers, architects, visual artists, bodyworkers and all those who are interested in the body.

    Practical Information

    When?:  1, 2 & 3 feb 2019

    Price:    260 Euros

    Promotion: € 234 = 10% discount when you inscribe in 3 or more workshops

    Where?  Studio Hybrid

                111 rue de l’intendent

                1080 bruxelles

    Info & Inscriptions:

                                 Tel: 0477813662

    © Erwin Penners

    © Erwin Penners